Our Team

The success and growth of Tri-Force is a consequence of the hard work of dedicated and experienced professionals who love their work. Our employees pride themselves on their expertise with a variety of tools and platforms and are keenly aware of every technological development in their area of work.

Software Development Team

Consists of people with different skills set in order to take care of the entire Software Development Life Cycle, and deliver the product on time. This team comprises of System Analysts, Programmers, Test Engineers, Database Architects and Domain experts led by experienced IT professional and computer scientists. Tri-Force’s Software Development Team is trained to give well-engineered solutions while following sound software engineering principles.

Customize software development solution

Technical Support

Our support team members are dedicated to answer your technical queries and help you take business decisions. Technical Support team is made up of people who are not just technocrats but technology professionals possessing excellent communication skills. If you need technology or product consulting, you just need to tell us, and our Technical Support team will simplify your problems and help you choose the best solution.

Staffing Team

As software development is full of many technologies, frameworks, tools, and standards, it becomes difficult to maintain a team of people with expertise in each and every field. So, we have a team of recruiters and HR personnel that takes care of our staffing needs for new projects. We keep some important aspects for considering a new candidate for staffing. These are following:

  • Career Objectives: Candidate’s willingness for the proposed work, and demonstrated passion in order to deliver the best possible output.
  • Previous Work Record: Security checks and inquiries are made to confirm the authenticity of the candidate and the references provided.

Management Skills

Irrespective of the position for which the candidate has applied for, we always evaluate the candidate on grounds of human and management skills.

Employee Training: If any further training is required, our training policy is based on collaborative learning. We collect employee feedback to identify the possible areas and sections where training is sought. We also organize monthly seminars, workshops, and training sessions to improve the productivity of our employees and optimize team performance. Personnel with specific area of expertise give presentations on their subject and the whole team gets its benefit.